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Low Search Volume
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  • Stephanie Latassa-Krotov

So I have been using AdWords to figure out search volume for local search for quite some time. The Google Keyword tool does not register for many local search terms such as [Orlando Keyword]. So a few months ago I started using AdWords to get a semi accurate search volume count for phrases that Google was not showing volume for.

So for the last week I have been having nothing but issues using this methodology. Most of the time I was getting the annoying but normally temporary Pending Reviewmessage. I finally get out of this mode and enter the Low Search Volumemode. Wait what? So if there is not enough traffic for a keyword then Google simply does not show your ad? WTF is this BS. The really annoying part of this is that I know that there is volume as I see it every day for this particular keyword set. I also know that this keyword set is registering for a broad search, not one I ever use, because I see my mortal enemies ads showing up. FYI, I see any and all competitors of my clients as mortal enemies. If you happen to be in this group then just know that I am coming for you and you will loose eventually.

Anyway, so thanks Google. SteveLaLonde over on forums.searchenginewatch.com said it best. Instead of giving us the message “there is not enough search volume to display your keyword”, AdWords should be honest and say “we don’t stand to make enough money off this keyword, try something broader”.

Google CrownI will try to figure out how to get around this inconvenience but even I know that I am only here at the pleasure of the KING (please notice the irony of a noFollow on the aforementioned link).