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Google Updates Its SEO Starter Guide
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  • Stephanie Latassa-Krotov

Two years ago Google released a starter guide to SEO. It included the basics and was apparently getting a little long in the tooth. The new guide includes many of Google’s new feature sets and a set of revised best practices. At the bottom of the page there is a link to a very special page that I was not aware of. It’s a guide for hiring an SEO. I will cover this in an another post.

Google has added a ton of supporting images and content definitions that will help noobies navigate their way through. What is funny is that I never linked to the old document as a good guide. The reason for this was that Google’s old guide was just ahhhh meh. This new guide is a guide I could probably give my mom and thats the definition of a starters guide. 🙂

I’ amroger_mozbot_profile_pic_bigger not sure were there are going with their mascot GoogleBot. It kind of reminds me of Rodger the robot from SeoMoz, for the uninitiated makes Tools & Software to Rank Better.