Top 6 Takeaways from SMX West 2013 – Orlando SEO
Top 6 Takeaways from SMX West 2013
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  • Stephanie Latassa-Krotov

SMX West is a Search Marketing Expo that takes place on the West coast every year. Participants learn about search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing and more relevant topics. Over the three days, SMX hosts conference sessions, keynote speakers, networking activities and socials.
Here are some of the top takeaways:
Use Google +. Even though it may not be your favorite social media outlet or you think that no one is on it, Google uses it for ranking on the search engines. So be present on Google + and post some relevant content.
Don’t use black hat techniques! Although this one is obvious, Google’s Matt Cutts made it a point to reiterate it at SMX. They are trying to catch all spammers and those who use black hat SEO techniques. One of the main points he made was about keyword stuffing—so just don’t do it. Keep your keyword list short and concise.

Create fresh, new content. Duane Forrester of Bing said, “If your content is the best thing since sliced bread, you’re going to rank well. We are focused on what searchers are engaging and how we can deliver them better results.” Although it takes time and energy, you need to create new, original content if you want to rank high on the search engines.

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Mobile will only get more popular, so if you need to make a mobile version of your website, now is the time to do it.

Be engaging and interesting. Not only should you post fresh content, but make it engaging so users will want to share it with others. This is the most natural way to link build, and the easiest (once you have the content) if you ask me—let your readers do the work!

Rank your pages in order of importance. What specific webpages do you want to focus your time and money on? If you have high conversions on a specific page, then make that the landing page for most of your keywords (if they are relevant to that page).

Hopefully you learned something new or a found an avenue in which you can better improve. Contact us if you have any questions or for a free SEO consultation.

I will leave you with my favorite Matt Cutts quote from SMX. “Be excellent to each other! Be excellent to users and search engines and give people content they want.”