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Jeep Burger King Get Hacked On Twitter
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Living about 80% of my life on social media, I can honestly say I’ve been hacked on Twitter 3-4 times throughout my Twitter lifespan. The hackers have sent direct messages to all of 504 Followers, typically promoting a spam or some sort enhancement products for males. While it may have seemed as if my world was crashing down, being hacked brings up much more troubling issues for brands.

Let’s take a look at Jeep and Burger King who have welcomed themselves into the “I’ve Been Hacked on Twitter” group. First, hackers on Burger King’s Twitter account announced that the fast food company had been sold to long time rival McDonalds. The hackers switched up the logo, header, and background image of Burger King’s account to look like the McDonald’s Twitter account. Burger King executives suspended the account until they are sure they have established full control. They are working with Twitter to ensure better security precautions be taken for future reputation management.

One week after the Burger King incident, Jeep announced on its Twitter header that Chrysler had been sold to Cadillac. In addition to this false announcement, the hackers tweeted content that was inappropriate, drug-related, and included extremely vulgar comments. Jeep demonstrated immediate action once the account of was regained tweeting “Hacking: Definitely not a #Jeep thing. We’re back in the driver’s seat!”

This issue should bring up many social media questions for your brand internally. Do you have a social media plan of action in place? A crisis management strategy? Who is your key player when social media issues arise? Social media policies need to be set in place for when an issue arises in order to be able to take immediate action.

Do you have any tips or strategies for brands under attacked? Let us know!