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Do You Want To Increase Your Gross Sales?

Orlando SEO is an online advertising organization that services Orlando local businesses. There are approximately 400 million searches done every day on the internet. According to a 2010 study by BIA/Kelsey nearly 97% of consumers use the web to shop locally. Internet marketing has the single best rate of return for your advertising dollar then any other method. The likes of the Yellow Pages and print media are in their final days. The internet aggregates millions of people in one place. People are looking for your services every day. But just because you get them to your site does not necessarily mean you will convert them to a customer.

SEO Expert Does Not Equal Direct Marketing Expert

SEO practioners maybe well versed in how Search Engines work but don't understand the principles of direct marketing. For sure, website traffic is important but without conversion it's useless. Converting is a term used in Internet Marketing that refers to an action that moves a web searcher from a visitor to a prospect. When a visitor fills out a contact form or picks up the phone and makes an appointment, they have "converted" to a prospect. They have come closer to becoming a client. If they buy your product or service they have become your patient, client, or customer. Just remember Website traffic + conversion = Profit.

If You Have An Existing Website, Where Do You Rank?

Goto to Google, Yahoo or Bing.com and type in the words a customer would use to find your business such as Orlando accountant, Orlando Volkswagen Repair or Orlando SEO. Did you show up? Top 5? Top 20? Did you see your competitors? The odds are that you did not show up at all as the vast majority of businesses are not able to be found or rank in the search engine result pages also knows as (The SERPS).

Do you Need a Website?

If you do not already have a website it's not too late. Waiting this long could have some advantages as technology has come along way and your competitors may not be using or even be aware of the latest advancements. OrlandoSEO.com can create a site for you that looks great, ranks in the top 10 for your keywords and converts prospects to customers or clients.